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Buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 Premium for only $300

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dragon premiumCan you imagine, you have the power to interact with your PC just by talking with it? Some may think this is odd, like a science fiction. But actually there are software that can give you this power. However, until now there are only few speech recognition available in the market. Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is one among them. At the moment it is the finest and ranked at the top position of all similar programs. With only few competing rivals, it easily outperforms others and now become a king, but lacking of competitors doesn’t make Dragon Premium poor in quality. In fact it earns many positive reviews from real users and respectable independent expert reviewers.

Create text by talking instead of typing with keyboard – this is a new faster way to work with documents. Just say something and it will appear as text, three times faster than manual typing. This unique program enables users to work efficiently and productively with office applications. You can use it to create and edit text on Microsoft Word or other word processors; work with spreadsheets in MS Excel; build presentation slides in MS PowerPoint. According to reviews, the accuracy is more than 90% accurate.

More than that, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 Premium can also be utilized on email and web applications. For example you can use your voice to surf the web using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome web browser; broadcast posts, send message or create comments on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook; search something via search engine; have a full control of Gmail & Hotmail – with ability to send, open and other frequent emailing actions, all by voice with no keyboard required.

In addition you can employ Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium to command your PC. For instance you can use simple commands to open windows explorer, access directories, open files, execute applications, switch between windows, move & click mouse, press keys and etc.

Another exciting feature is it can transcribe recorded audio files into text. So this gives you flexibility to first capture your voice anywhere & anytime (for example when you get some ideas for your project), record your voice with a voice recorder or alternatively use your android, iPad, iPhone devices as a recorder. And when you are in front of your computer you can use Dragon 12 Premium to convert those audio files into text.

Training is needed in order to get the full benefits from Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 Premium. Yes you need to learn about how to use the software and also train it to recognize your tones & accents. But don’t worry, you will get used to it eventually and have it set up personally for you, because it comes with interactive tutorials, tips and documentations that make the processes fun for you.

To sum up, Nuance is trying to revolutionize the way people interact with computer by creating a groundbreaking speech recognition platform. Its Dragon products work as advertised and now dominate the industry, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is not an exception. If you want the best speech recognition software that provides the highest accuracy and rich of features then you should look no further than this.