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If you recently bought a new PC then maybe you won’t experience slow performance or error problems with the PC. But as time goes by, the computer will not be as fast as new and maybe you’ll find some errors and crashes. This is normal as an impact of daily computing activities like install & uninstall programs; save, copy, delete and move files and etc. These can lead to invalid registry entries, fragmented hard drive, lost important system files, security vulnerabilities and etc. As results your computer will run sluggishly, and working with a slow PC is very frustrating & stressful. In a worst case your system won’t start, it’s also possible that you’ll lose your crucial data & files. So this is the main reason why you should not be lazy maintaining & optimizing your computer. Is your desktop pc/laptop running slow? Don’t ditch it, fix it with Iolo System Mechanic! This will save you a lot of money rather than buying a new PC.

It’s necessary to regularly check your PC system health and immediately fix problems if they exist. Finding and repairing system errors in manual ways can be very complicated. Fortunately right now there is a reliable system utility software available on the market, which called Iolo System Mechanic. This tool can help you easily analyze & repair PC problems, and speed up computer performance. You don’t have to be an IT expert or learn hard about complicated technical stuffs. This is a cost effective solution too rather than hiring a technician to do the job.

The product is a system tune-up utility suite that comes with comprehensive features (Iolo also offers System Mechanic professional edition for more richer features). The program is easy to use and quick to set up. Upon installation you can immediately start scanning your PC for problems, choose either quick or deep scan, wait for a few minutes to let it run the scan process and discover the problems. Once completed it will show you a complete report of the issues found. From here you can decide whether you want to fix all of those problems at once (with one click button) or fix them one by one.


Based on some independent expert reviews and ratings, Iolo System Mechanic is one of the best PC utility software. It’s rich of features and accurately detect & solve PC problems. Another plus point is its single license can be used on all your home PCs without extra charge.

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