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nuance omnipageIn a situation where you have a bunch of papers and your job is to make them into document files, doing this manually – by retyping all of them with your computer is a boring job, very tiring & time consuming also wasting your precious time. Omnipage was created by Nuance Software to solve this problem. It offers easy and quick solution to turn your physical documents / papers and pictures to digital files so you can conveniently search, modify and share them anytime you want. It is also able to unlock PDFs and convert them into editable and searchable texts.

So, instead of manual reconstructing, you can work efficiently by employing Nuance Omnipage to create an exact copy of your papers. The user interface in version 18 is far more intuitive & comes with self-explaining menus & buttons. It’s very easy to use even for newbies. The software works flawlessly with almost all scanner devices so you can sync it with your scanner. Simply scan your papers and let this OCR application extract the texts and contents. Depending on the scan output quality, you may require to edit output texts. After you have done the process, you can save the output in a various file types. It supports a wide range of output formats, for example you can save the output as MS Word (doc,docx), Excel (xls,xlsx), Powerpoint (ppt,pptx), OpenOffice formats, HTML, Corel WordPerfect and many more. Alternatively you can also use images from a digital camera or handset, and then convert them to editable texts.

Recreating papers is simple and fun with Nuance Omnipage 18. It’s fast and the results are highly accurate. It can retain formatting (like texts placement, tables, columns, objects & graphics), the output will look the same as the original. It supports 123 languages and recognizes unusual characters & letter including Latin, Japanese, Chinese & Korean. It is armed with the best OCR technology so when it comes to accuracy, the program outperforms its rivals. In addition the application also packs a number of great features, which is a plus point. Reviews from professionals and real-user experience are mostly positive. The product is currently the most favorable OCR software, and so far no one can beat Omnipage. So that’s why many experts recommend this imaging software.

Another excellent feature is the Cloud support. With Nuance Cloud Connector it enables you to open files from cloud storage (third party services such as Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Evernote, & others), process them with Omnipage 18 and send the results back to online storage.

This is a brilliant program that revolutionizes the way people work with documents. By working with Nuance Omnipage you can reduce clutter on your desk by converting papers to digital files, also less stress for you because it’s easier to organize, edit, delete, modify and search digital documents or files through your laptop or desktop PC. You can also store your documents into any device/hardware and carry all data you have, anywhere you go.