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slow pc fighterSlow-PCFighter is a simple to use and lightweight PC utility software that can answer your slow computer problems. This program is specially made for PC with Windows OS (XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, and now has already supported Windows 10 too). It is basically a system registry cleaner / optimizer and repair tool that provides quick and comfortable solution to fix registry errors. Because of its simplicity, the software is very suitable for beginners or those who have a little computer-technical knowledge, or users who don’t want to deal with registry keys & codes manually.

If you want to keep your PC running fast then it’s necessary to regularly perform PC maintenance such as defragmenting hard drive, scan for virus & spyware, fix incomplete install/uninstall, find & repair registry errors and etc. Maintaining and optimizing your PC manually can be very complicated, time consuming and very risky too because if you remove the wrong files it can make your system stop working. If this happen then it may be hard to make your computer back to normal and also it’s possible that you’ll lose your data too.

If you feel your computer is running slow then Slow-PCFighter can be the best and affordable solution. To be able to benefit from it you don’t need to be an IT expert. Just install and run. With just a few clicks you can assign the application to check the computer system and find errors / problems. Next, just let the software do the job repairing all errors and optimizing your PC performance. Once finished you can enjoy your faster like-new PC. One more important thing is it comes with backup features. It’s recommended that you create a backup of the current state before continuing since changing registry is very risky. And also it offers UNDO feature that allows you to undo the operation or return back to the previous state.