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TrendMicro Titanium-Internet-SecurityIn the age of social media, internet users are now connected each other either directly or indirectly through social networking sites. This has become a trend for today’s digital lifestyle. And there are some risks too of using social websites, mainly because you put your private data, photos and etc into those sites. Moreover scammers, identity theft are increasingly growing, taking advantage of the current system security weaknesses, the revealed important data or private stuffs also system vulnerabilities. Many common users don’t care about these risks and they don’t review their privacy security settings, which make them easy targets for fraudsters. Trend micro is more than aware about this. TrendMicro has officially announced to public, the new Titanium Security products for home & home office protection. According to the press release, one of its aims for this year is to make online social-lifestyle more secure.

Trend Micro Internet Security is using the toughest antimalware engine, also comes along with firewall as well as strong online protection to fight against PC viruses, Trojan, rootkits, spyware, phishing and other threats. It accurately detects nearly all security threats (from local computer, network, external sources as well as from cyberspace) and eliminates them completely. It provides a secure browser which enables you to securely cruise the world wide web with peace of mind. Its web protection effectively blocks dangerous websites and links. The software is also able to find out spams in your inbox and emails that contain malicious attachments.

Another notable feature is its advanced parental control system. More than enough to protect your family. No need to pay for separate internet filter software, this saves you extra money. This tool offers you more customization flexibility, and you can create multiple different profiles for each family member, with different filter configurations or specifications. However the parental control program does not include the ability to monitor kids online as it is only available in Titanium Maximum and and Premium Security.

And as stated in paragraph one, Trend Micro Internet Security 10 adds extra exclusive feature – that is social networking privacy management. This tool offers simplicity to manage and control Facebook, Twitter and Google+ privacy settings with ease.

The new generation of Trend Micro Internet Security has a neat and intuitive graphical user interface that is easy to understand. You do not have to think about complicated settings, just install and it will be run every time you start your Windows PC, and remains active giving real-time protection in the background without slowing down your computer, so you focus on your work or play with your PC without worries.

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