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trend-micro-maximum-securityThe all new Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 is still solid but slightly different than the previous version. It is still using the strongest anti-phishing as well as formidable antivirus and antispyware. The newest generation has an improved user interface, which is simpler and self explaining. And one of its main focuses for this year is to provide extra privacy protection and better management of private data or sensitive information in social media sites.

It can give protection across multiple devices, for Windows platform PC, Mac OS computer and android smartphone/tablet. Based on product features comparison (from the official site), the Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security is the highest edition along with Premium Security, the only difference is the number of protected devices. The Maximum offers up to 3 PC/Mac users while the Premium license can hold up 5 devices. It incorporates all functionality of Trend Micro Internet Security, and in addition also adds several beneficial facilities and features, such as protections for your Android device; complete version of Parental Control system on board; secure cloud backup with 5 GB online storage capacity; online account & password manager; and others.

The characteristics of its features are mostly similar to Kaspersky Internet Security, but according to NSS Labs AV test results, in terms of phishing detection rates TrendMicro Maximum Security scores highest among other security suites, outperforms other big names like Norton, Avast and Kaspersky. Also when it comes to “Average Time to Block” Trend Micro is superior than others. So it runs faster and can detect threats accurately, even the newest threats. It stops viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans before infecting your PC. It provides protections for online activities such as secure web browsing and emailing (blocks dangerous websites, online files and links), anti phishing and antispam.

Social networking sites involve many users and they (people) are connected each other directly or indirectly. There are positive things about using social sites, but there are also some negative sides. It’s necessary to configure your private settings. You should care and be aware about this because criminals and hackers are hunting for private data that are exposed in social sites. As shown in the figure below, the Titanium Maximum Security version 10 comes with a new feature called Privacy Scanner. This is the tool that offers easy management of your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ privacy settings.


For family & children protection, Trend Micro Titanium maximum highlights its enhanced Parental Control tools. Not only it can control internet hours and filter contents, now also comes with the ability to monitor your kids’ online activities.

Last but not least, as mentioned before, another cool feature is protection for Android device. The software is able to identify data-stealing mobile apps, also allows you to backup data and restore them on a device, track lost mobile phone, and remotely clean up all important data & lock a lost device.

Interestingly, by activating the current promotion it is now priced the same as Titanium Internet Security. Trend Micro Maximum and Internet Security, both are $49.95 (after discount) – license for 3 PCs and 1 year subscription, so it’s highly recommended that you opt for Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 since it is loaded with more features and give you more values.